Calling all Kauai moms! We all know how profoundly pregnancy and birth affect our bodies. Whether you had your baby five months or fifteen years ago, a basic 10 series of Rolfing can help bring you to new levels of comfort, balance, and expansion. As a mother, I have experienced the profound ways Rolfing has supported my body before, during, and after my pregnancy, helping me to carry my baby easily and recover quickly post-partum. Thinking of conceiving? Structural Integration is known to help prepare the body for conception and prevent many common pregnancy related discomforts. I am happy to offer this experience to all, mothers and non-mothers alike, and encourage you to call for a free consultation. Start the New Year with a powerful gift to your Self!

Rolf Anahola…

Rolf Hawaii has found its new home down by the river in Anahola! We now have a beautiful treatment room in a sweet peaceful mystic location. Close to the North Shore, close to the East Side. Hope to see you here soon, for a visit or a session!

Return to the Garden

After a beautiful and amazing time here in Honolulu, I am once again moving my practice to the beautiful Garden Island, Kauai. I am so grateful for the clients I’ve had here in the city, and today finished my 130th Oahu session! My Kilauea doors will open on Monday, and I welcome the Kaua’i ohana to come and visit! I will be offering the basic 10, the advanced 5, and 1 and 3 session tune-ups. A special invitation goes to all the mamas on the island who would like to find their center again after pregnancy and birth! I look forward to seeing you all soon…

All love..!

Advanced Class

What an incredible experience these past 6 weeks of advanced training! So many powerful reminders of why I do this work, watching clients, students and teachers transform. The five advanced sessions are deep, helping us to redefine how we navigate in this physical world. I am truly looking forward to providing this service to those who are ready to step beyond the basic recipe, into a new realm of personal responsibility and self-healing. Thank you Emmett and all of the Rolfers who were present for the class. A new chapter has begun….

Rolf Kauai

To all of the wonder-full Kauai Family

I will be returning to the island April 8th and am looking forward to welcoming clients once again to my practice! If you are interested in the basic 10 or a 3 series tune up, please contact me. I have had a great time rolfing in spanish here in Uruguay, and have learned a tremendous amount. Every day there is more to share….

Lots of love